Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eight Things

Can I just say how much I LOVE runners?? It's been so exciting reading everyone's posts about Boston, whether you ran it, knew someone who ran it, wanted Kara and Ryan to win it, hope to run it next year (!!), or just love to watching people run! People at work have no clue how long a marathon is, let alone that the Boston Marathon was yesterday. I'm not an emotional person by any means, but I was getting teary-eyed when the lead women reached Wellesley, as I listened to the girls screaming...and I was only watching it on TV! It's so awesome how everyone can come together around an event such as the Boston Marathon.

Loooong day at work today. I opened at 5:30 (the WORST part about my job...I am NOT a morning person!), and we were slow in the morning which makes the day seem really long. Luckily it picked up at lunch, but I was tired when I got home! I only had a four mile run today, which I thought about putting off until tomorrow. However, running today meant total rest tomorrow, which would be nice, so I just got it out of the way today. Of course, our weather has been terrrible lately, so it was 40, windy, and drizzling when I ran. It actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be (did I just say that??), minus almost getting hit by eight million cars. That's what I get for running around the local community college with a bunch of nineteen year old drivers, I suppose.

Tuesday, April 21
4.13 miles in 32:25, avg pace of 7:51

I took the first two miles easy, running about eight minute miles before naturally speeding up to about 7:45. Still under control, which is a good sign since I can easily speed up to a much faster pace without noticing. Continuing to take it easy with eleven days until the marathon! Crazy.

Time to watch the Biggest Loser, but not until after this little survey, compliments of Mica!

8 Things to which I am looking forward

  1. The Wisconsin Marathon on May 2
  2. Starting my career as a nurse...hopefully soon!
  3. SUMMER!
  4. Dinner. (Always.)
  5. Having the day off tomorrow!
  6. Watching the Biggest Loser
  7. Seeing the Rocket Scientist on May 1 (such a supportive boyfriend!)
  8. Baseball season! Go Cubbies!
8 Things I did yesterday
  1. Watched the Boston Marathon on TV!
  2. Registered for the marathon on May 2...haha
  3. Freaked out about the possibility of being a real nurse and moving
  4. Applied to six more jobs (total: 108 jobs applied for...please don't tell me about the nursing shortage!)
  5. Ate wayyyy too many M&M's
  6. Chased down a customer who ordered food to go, but I forgot to give them their fruit cup
  7. Ran six miles!
  8. Put away my laundry. (So exciting)
8 Things I wish I could do/I want to do
  1. Speak Spanish. (Note: I took seven years of German. Look where that got me?)
  2. Run Boston!
  4. Be more outgoing. I'm super shy, in general.
  5. Figure out what I want to do in life.
  6. Travel the world!!
  7. Like oatmeal. I don't think it's going to happen.
  8. Go back to college. Like back in time.
8 Shows I watch
  1. ER (RIP)
  2. Gilmore Girls (RIP)
  3. The Biggest Loser
  4. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
  5. Greek
  6. The Real World (depending on the season)
  7. Jon and Katie Plus Eight/18 Kids and Counting/Big People Little World/any reality show on TLC
  8. America's Next Top Model (which makes me wish I had long legs...)
That's all for now! Time to watch people sweat on The Biggest Loser!


  1. I'm totally with you. Boston was just incredible and I want to get there so badly next year! I cried when Kara lost (although I think she still did so awesome).

    It was rainy here today too. Have to take the good with the bad, right? Friday is going to be 80 and sunny, yes!

  2. oooh, i love me some top model, and also covet their legs. it is almost as if i am a different species than they are!

  3. I was musing today about the fact that before I lived in Chicago, a 40-degree day with rain would have made me want to curl up and die. But I had the same experience as you - it wasn't that bad. At all! It wasn't frigidly cold; the rain wasn't plopping me in the face or anything; and the wind managed to stay sane.

    p.s. LOVE Top Model. Do you read fourfour? You must. Tell me if you don't know what I'm talking about and I will change your life.

  4. Ugh, this weather is miserable. It was cold, rainy, and windy down here too. I wimped out and ran at the gym. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow!

    And you may wish you had long ANTM-esque legs, but I wish I had fast legs like yours, no matter what length!

  5. OMG I LOVVVEE Greek...which reminds me I need to catch up on my DVR. Good work on cranking the run out today; enjoy rest tomorrow!!

  6. I hope something falls with the job soon. I really enjoy Little People Big World. Their house is amazing!

  7. sounds like you're doing well with the tapering.
    I bet you will be amazing in Boston next year! :-)

    108 job apps?! Wow!

  8. Haha oh man I love Greek! Glad your taper is going well!

  9. You don't like oatmeal. OH MY GOSH! I can't imagine!

  10. Hehe, I love The Biggest Loser too. Ron is a SCHEMER...ooh, man! And I lost a little respect for Mike too, which is a shame.

    Isn't it funny how 20 degrees seemed balmy this past winter, but now 40 degrees and rain made me whine? We had the same down here, and luckily I also made it out for a run. :)

  11. Oh, my lord. Go here RIGHT NOW and then report back. I'm so excited to introduce you to Rich! I'm hyperventilating.


  12. haha i feel you on the figure out what to do with life! yay for running :)

  13. I loved reading everyone's comments on Boston too! I didn't see Kara's teary-eyed photo until yesterday and it just broke my heart!

  14. Yes, running blogs are great when no one else in your world understands. :)

  15. Thanks for all the information on nursing! I really appreciate it! I've been researching prospective schools all afternoon =) Hopefully I'll be able to get into a program by jan 2010!